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Main theme of the short film Sobras (2016) [Leftovers], directed by Pelayo Sánchez.

«Federico and Ernesto taste the dessert while the wheel, deceitful, rolls on.»

A sequence from Sobras (2016).

Federico and Ernesto walk casually through the street, not noticing that the beggars whom they throw a few coins bear a mysterious resemblance to them.

Unreleased track in a comedy mood, intended for a transition between sequences (2016). Mock-up, or in other words, rough draft for the director.

A sequence from Zapatitos de mujer (2015) [Little woman's shoes], directed by Jesús del Val.


The wife want to have sex again with her husband but she wants him to wear a tribal mask on, which belonged to her ritualistic kidnapper. She finds it incredibly fascinating - he does not.


Unreleased track (2015). Development of Helena's theme.


She stands up on the shore of a beach in twilight, heartbroken. Slowly she cries looking at the burning sun, and finally walks into the water.

Unreleased track (2015). Leitmotiv for Helena, a young girl.


She goes out on balcony and looks at the white shiny moon with a smile on her face. She's in love.


Unreleased track (2015). Helena attempts to commit suicide for her unrequited love.


She's taking a bath, and with sharp pain in her face she pulls out a knife and starts cutting her wrist.


Action sequence from the feature film Soñando con el final (2014) [Dreaming of the end], directed by David I. Méndez.


Álex knows that his life and the world itself comes to an end. He runs exhausted through Alicante's streets, turned into a ghost town. He knows this will be the ending of endings.



Delicate sequence from Soñando con el final (2014).


Álex went to bed with an unknown girl again. They lie silently side by side, desolate, since they feel that that relation has finished before it began.


Feature song for the ending credits of Soñando con el final (2014). Solo voice: Laura Martínez.


This song uses the complete leitmotiv associated with Melania, Álex's past love, whom he evokes tragically during the film. Now, and for the last time, they have finally met.





2. Once she cursed them, then turns towards the audience, also guilty of laughing at her, and throws spells against two or three persons.






Three of the incidental music tracks from the play Això era i no era (2016) [Once upon a time], written by Pasqual Alapont and staged by Teatro Raspeig.


1. The wizard queen punishes the fairytale characters, who have seen her ugly face, by turning them into animals.



3. Finally, the wizard queen threatens with blinding the audience. With her last spell, she blows up the lights of the theater.






This piece was specially composed for a multifaceted artistic event, Sólo tú (2014) [Only you], on the international day for the elimination of violence against women. The evolution of the piece is based on the photographic story released by Sergio Moreno on this topic and exhibited in the mentioned event. 


A battered woman wonders about her tortured reality, questioning her feelings for her partner and her own personal value.


She's often physically attacked out of a blue. Her life hangs by a thin thread; a thread of hope. Stepwise, her world collapses.

Plunged into monotony, revulsion and frustration, she finally rises up against this and a new feeling emerges, stronger than the others: that is hate, which will make her see.



Romantic piece for solo piano (2015).





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