Miguel Segura-Sogorb is a composer and an audio engineer born in Alicante, Spain. His musical education began partially as self-taught with percussion and electric guitar, was further enriched with the study of piano and violoncello, as well as a long experience as a choir singer (Cor de Cambra Óscar Esplá, Jugendchor-akademie Wien, Ensemble Focus...), and continues today in the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. After taking the preparatory course for composition with Herbert Lauermann in this university in 2018, he could begin to study the following year the Magister Artium Degree in Composition with Dietmar Schermann, which he continues nowadays with Detlev Müller-Siemens for Instrumental and Vocal Composition, as well as receiving further training in piano, pipe organ, violoncello and electronics.

Regarding his audio studies, he obtained the Bachelor of Engineering in Sound and Image in Telecommunications in the University of Alicante (2011–2015) and afterwards a Master Degree in Digital Sound Production in CICE, School of New Technologies in Madrid (2016), where he also got the Avid Pro Tools Operator certification both for Music and Audio Postproduction. As a member of the Audio Engineering Society he could also attend to seminars on music production in Berklee Valencia and in the University of York.


Most of his early work experience was focused on the field of moving picture and theater, either as a composer or as an audio postproduction engineer. In this respect, he worked in several shortfilms, plays, a feature film, a TV series and video art creations. Furthermore,  he played drums, wrote songs and arranged for seven years in the symphonic metal band Edhellen, with whom he toured through Spain, won First Prize in 2012 in the contest IV Certamen Nacional de Música del Distrito de Barajas in Madrid and released two studio albums in 2011 and 2016 (Sombra y anhelo and Aletheia I. Los pasos perdidos).

Most recently, he was commissioned to write the piece Nachtgesang (2022) for mixed choir for the Ensemble Schlüsselklang in Vienna. In May he was selected to participate in Jorge Sánchez-Chiong's masterclass with Ensemble N as part of the Suena Festival at Instituto Cervantes in Vienna. Furthermore, he was awarded with the Composition Prize for the piece Short studies of movement and colour (2022) for quintet at the International Sommer Academy (ISA) of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna in Semmering. There he participated in August 2022 in Detlev Müller-Siemens' masterclass and worked together with the conductor Jean-Bernard Matter and the Ensemble Fractales from Belgium.


As a composer, he is being able to build synergies between all his technical and aesthetic sides and thus develop a multifaceted, personal artistic approach.